Affiliate Disclosure website contains affiliate links. This means when you purchase something after clicking on the links you find on this website – our site will get paid (for example, by Amazon and others).

This in no way increases the price of your item. It’s just a way for sellers to say thank you for bringing in a new customer.

Also, the fact we’re getting paid doesn’t influence our decision to list the products on this site.

For example, Amazon has every product imaginable and pays out commissions on all of them. So, there is no monetary incentive to prefer (or try to push) one product over the other.

We just provide links to whatever we personally feel is the best match (and most related) to the content we provide for our readers.

Why do we do affiliate?

It is a win-win scenario for both you and ourselves:

– you get high-quality information

– we get a small fraction of the item price (in case you buy)

– if you don’t buy anything, you still get high-quality information for free

– and most importantly, no ads 🙂

You may notice our website is very clean, without any popups, without a bunch of ads, and because of that:

– it loads quickly

– provides a seamless reading experience

– is not annoying or distracting

And all of this is possible because of content monetization through affiliate links.

Because as much as we personally enjoy building and growing this site, we all have bills to pay. This means there are only 3 choices any website really has when it comes to monetization:

– ask readers to pay for the content (not really sustainable)

– put up ads on the site (annoying)

– affiliate links (most organic and natural way)

There is also 4th way to monetize content. Usually used by the biggest platforms in the world. And that is gathering your data and selling it behind your back.

This is wrong on so many levels, and we are highly against it. So, we chose affiliate links as the most natural, non-intrusive, and transparent way to monetize our website.

Hope this clarifies the situation with affiliate links. If you have any questions, you can reach us at the email address listed below.

–– Your ColorHairColor Team 🙂