Butterscotch Sims Orchid Hair

Do you know what Sims is? If you are part of the older generation, we are sure you are already well acquainted.

The Sims is a strategy video game made in 2000. It was developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is done in the simulation of everyday activities during life.

It represents a virtual man who performs certain tasks related to real life on a daily basis. Players control customizable Sims as they pursue career and relationship goals.

Here is the link where you can download this game. Enjoy.

Now that you are familiar with the Sims video game, we can move on.

Which Sims Wears Butterscotch Orchid Hair?

Do you know which Sims wears this hair shade? We are convinced that fans of the Sims game will know the answer to this question. If you are not a loyal fan of the Sims game, and you want to know who it is, fantasize about reading.

Butterscotch Sims Orchid Hair is worn by Alessana Sims. See below how she combined it.

How To Get Butterscotch Sims Orchid Hair Color At Home?

This shade is very easy to get. This is a mixture of red and brown.

All you need is a suitable base. See how.

The current hair color should be lightened or darkened, depending on whether you are blonde or brunette, to a medium level. Of course, before the process itself, you need to shampoo your hair well and wash it, in order to prepare your scalp and to make the dye fit better.

Next, you need to divide your hair into sections and apply the mixture to each section separately. After you have applied the mixture, wait a few minutes for the process to do its thing.

The process takes 10-25 minutes. Then wash the paint well and style your new hairstyle.

Pay attention to the amount and color of the mixture itself. If you want a darker shade, put more color and if you want a lighter shade, put less product.

Once you got the desired shade of your new hairstyle, it was your turn to take care of your hair health.

This shade will surely fade over time, however, with good enough care of it, you can prolong that period. Pay attention to shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. Avoid the sun as well as heat washes.

If you really have to use them, then definitely use products like masks and oils to protect your hair. Wipe your hair with a cotton cloth and moisturize it regularly.

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