Christina Anstead Natural Hair Color

Recognizable for her elegant appearance, minimalism, simple style and beauty, mother of three children, a woman but also a successful business woman – Christina Hall.

In addition to the roles of wife and mother, which are equally important and difficult, Christina is known as the former star of the series “Flip of the Flop”.

In addition to the very daring roles he carries, he possesses an impeccable ability to turn his home around. She owns “The Christina Collection – Flooring Collecion”, “HempWood” and a production company “Unbroken Productions”.

You may know her better as Christina El Moussa, Christina Anstead or Christina Haack, but one thing is for sure, a stunning, versatile woman who has been selflessly sharing the secrets of her beauty with us for years.

What is the secret of Christina’s beautiful and well-groomed hair?

Haack, or rather Hall has always been proud of her hair. She loves long, thick hair. She is known for her Root Blonde Hair Color.

These are extensions. Recently, Christina revealed how she switched to the latest hair extension method. These are invisible beads, hand-tied extensions. Previously, she wore ribbons for a long time.

In addition to its Beach Waves, the series comes out famous for its Dutch braids. Her hairdresser says “It’s a very simple process, which only takes a few minutes. If you try to cover the extensions, it’s important to leave out the hair.” Christina’s hair is taken care of by her ex-sister-in-law, that is, the sister of her ex-husband El Mousse.

So, the secret of Christina's long, lush, shiny and perfect blue color is a good hairdresser and the latest method of hair extensions.

What is the secret of Christina’s beauty?

Surely we’ve all thought at least once in our lives, what’s the secret to Christine Haack’s perfectly clean and elegant looks?

However, with Christine, it’s not that simple. She is not a lover of cosmetics or beauty products.

We have often witnessed its natural beauty. Since there are pictures as well as the shots themselves without makeup. To care for her hair, she uses a cleanser with antioxidants, Clarisonic, and a moisturizer that contains SPF.

From makeup, she swears by Pink Dust Cosmetics, as her favorite collection of makeup products. Her favorites are lip gloss, highliter and a brown lip pencil she uses instead of eyeliner.

A woman of any size and any age can look great. The main thing is to choose the right thing.

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