Color Jamz Neon Summer Sapphire

Are you tired of your usual hairstyles? Cold tones have made you depressed? Do you want a change? Are you ready to be unique and wacky? – You’re in the right place. Color Jamz Neon Summer Sapphire is the right color for you.

Color Jamz Neon Summer Sapphire allows you to feel the wild side of colors. It is a semi-permanent hair color, a vegan formula that is very easy to apply.

Style is a way to show everything about yourself without saying anything.

Composition Jamz Neon Summer Sapphire Color?

When you see what these crazy colors look like, you must be wondering what kind of composition it could be. However, it is not easy to come to this nuance. See the composition of this semi-permanent paint below.


  • Water
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Butylene glycol
  • Glycerine
  • Cetrimonium
  • Chloride
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Smell
  • Olive oil
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium sorbate

Can I Get Color Jamz Neon Summer Sapphire At Home?

After we showed you these crazy colors and hairstyles, explained their composition, we will also show you how to paint yourself at home.


The first step is to bleach your hair. Hair should be bleached to the level of pale yellow or washed blue shade.

If your hair color is like this, you start from the next step.


The second step is to prepare a formula – mix the resulting ingredients, play with shades and be creative.


The third step is to apply the paint – after you get the desired shade, protect your hands and the area around you and start applying it with a brush or hands.

Be sure to put protective gloves on your hands.

ATTENTION: do not apply the paint to the scalp


The fourth step is to wait – after you have applied the dye to your hair, wait a while.


The fifth step is to wash your hair – after you have waited and after the dye has done its process, wash the rest of the dye thoroughly and towel dry it.

The process takes 10 to 30 minutes. It all depends on the desired color intensity.

NOTE: Over time, the color will fade – it is semi-permanent.

Now, you can shop this hair dye!

Care Of Jamz Neon Summer Sapphire Hair Color

Although it does not harm your hair as a permanent dye, you need to take care of the health of your hair.

Take care of hydration, regular treatments, use a variety of oils and masks. The color will definitely wash off and you can use a shampoo for colored hair. Avoid heat treatment of hair.

We sincerely hope that you are that brave, unique and a bit crazy woman who decided to try this crazy hairstyle. In the sea of the same, be different. Get out of the natural confines of your boring life and embark on new adventures. Rest assured, even if you don’t like it, through which you wash, the paint will wash off.

Hair Color Ideas

Check out these hair color ideas and see what’s best for you. Choose a color that is the perfect expression of yourself and your personality. Enjoy and good luck!


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