Ion Permanent Brights Denim Hair Color

90s fans this is the post for you! Denim never goes out of fashion! Bring back your favorite days.

Look around you. There is no doubt. The 1990s are all around us. Apart from jackets and jeans, there is also a hair color inspired by the same. Denim never goes out of fashion! Continue reading to find the best denim hair shade for your skin tone, tips for caring for and maintaining this hair shade as well as tips on how to achieve it yourself at home.

Ion Permanent Brights Denim Hair Color is a mixture of silver and blue. It is a very rare shade that adapts to any complexion and face shape. The shades of this hair color are endless.

Don't limit yourself. Let your imagination run wild!

I Bring You 3 Perfect Shades Of Ion Permanent Brights Denim Hair Color !
  • Indigo – This color adds depth to darker skin tones, and it also contrasts gorgeously with paler skin tones by creating an illuminating effect
  • Stonewash – The grayish-blue shade can help soften the overall look of your hair for an almost metallic finish
  • Acid Wash – Whether you go for an all-over dousing of color or prefer a bleached blonde and baby blue ombré, this denim ‘do looks gorgeous on lighter skin tones

Are you still thinking? Take a look at the experiences of women who have used this bold hair color.

How To Get Denim Hair Color Alone At Home?

Soon, you will have a course on our blog, “How to get the desired hair color at home”

Okay. We must have convinced you to try this hair color. But that is not all. You can make this color yourself at home.

First: Your skin base should be bright

Second: To whiten it, use professional preparations and be careful

Third: When your hair is bleached enough, you can apply the dye

Fourth: Wait for the paint to do its process, after which you need to wash it

If some dark-haired beauty is reading this, don’t lose hope. And you can have the perfect Denim Hair Color. All you need is patience. And whitening, of course xoxo.


How to properly care for Denim Hair Color?

Proper and regular care is the secret of long, shiny and healthy hair. After the entire process of treating your hair, in order to get one of these perfect shades, you need to take care of the health of your hair.

We recommend a regular one-week rejuvenating hair mask. Let it be on a natural basis. You can even make it at home. In addition to treatments and masks, we recommend a variety of protective oils that serve as protection from the sun and heat treatments for hair.

Don’t forget the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. And the least beautiful, regularly shorten your tops.

Here you can shop for denim hair color and try out your new hairstyle.

On our blog page, you can find a variety of colors, preparations, accessories and educational courses on coloring, tips and hair care at home.

Hair Color Ideas

And lastly, look at other stunning colors and find the hairstyle of your life.

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