Mulberry Hair Color Pictures

Are you looking for a unique, striking hair color?

If you are looking for a unique and striking hair color, in which you will certainly not go unnoticed – Mulberry Hair Color is the right choice for you!

This shade is one of those unique and bold styles that, frankly, not many ladies can pull off – Or at least they don’t dare?

Mulberry hair features a pleasant mix right on the cusp of dark plum and burgundy. With slight hints of purple. It comes from a tree grown in the Mediterranean. It has been cultivated for centuries and used to make silk, after which it got its name. The leaves of this plant are very similar to the leaves of thorns, but have softer petals.

Red is the color of energy, fire, passion and vitality. If you feel energetic and if you feel like a queen or a king, then you can’t make mistake with this color.


How to get Mulberry Hair Color at home?

Soon, you will have a course on our blog, “How to get the desired hair color at home”

If you are wondering if you have to go to a professional hair salon to get this hair color, pay a huge amount of money and lose half a day sitting on a chair – we have a magical answer for you. NO!! Mulberry Hair Color is the simplest hair shade that you can easily make yourself.

Dark-haired beauties, are you there? This time, you have the advantage.

In addition to the appropriate equipment, it is necessary to have a dark base. It doesn’t matter if it’s brown or black, it matters that you have a cool tone.


If you are part of a group of blonde beauties – do not lose hope. All you need to do is darken your hair a bit, at least to a medium base hair color.

Hair focuses on someone's image of themselves, it is a polygon of vanity.

The hair is terribly personal, a web of mysterious prejudices.

How to nurture and maintain Mulberry Hair Color?

The good news is that Mulberry isn’t like other reds so it won’t fade quickly. It doesn’t need much treatment to make it look great and fresh.

If you want to always look fresh and well-groomed, follow these 5 tips!

  1. Use shampoo, conditioner and mask for colored hair
  2. Get yourself a weekly hair treatment
  3. Use cold water in the shower
  4. Before heat treatment of hair, use protective masks and oils
  5. Shorten the tops regularly
Here you can shop for mulberry hair color dye and make your hair look like magic.

On our blog page, you can find a variety of colors, preparations, accessories and educational courses on coloring, tips and hair care at home.

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