Pinwheel Hair Color Placement Diagrams Tips

If you are looking for a multidimensional look that suits any hair type with endless creative possibilities, Pinwheel Hair Color Placement Diagrams is the right thing for you!

What are Pinwheel Hair Color Placement Diagrams?

This is definitely one of the most sought after Alon services in the last year. This technique gives amazing results. You don’t need to worry about whether it will affect your hair type. Pinwheel Hair Color Placement Diagrams works on all hair types.

This hair coloring technique is named after Pinwheel. Children’s round toys. Why exactly that name, find out below!

Why Pinwheel Placement Diagrams?

Pinwheel Placement Diagrams is a technique of separating hair before coloring. The hair is first divided into triangles on the scalp and the strands of hair are bent into small balls.

What does Pinwheel Hair Color look like?

Take a look at these inexhaustible examples. I hope you find something for yourself.

How to do Pinwheel Placement Diagrams at home?

Below I bring you the steps. Follow them and you will certainly not go wrong.

It seems complicated, but it really isn’t. If you follow the steps carefully, we are sure that you will get the same result as the hairdresser. But this time completely free.

  • First: Create pinwheel sections off the crown by sectioning the head into quadrants and then dividing each quadrant in half. The front section should extend from the outside corner of each brow to the crown for a total of nine sections.
  • Second: Release the back. Make a diagonal zigzag subdivision and hold it tight by squeezing the ends. Then apply the mass to the strand with a brush.
  • Third: Do the part until it’s done, then keep working around your head this way. Zigzag the horizontal sections at the top and divert the hair away from the face.

This technique requires at least two colors, preferably more colors. Put different colors next to each other.

Be special. Be different. Be you.

How to care for hair after this technique?

As always, hair should be cared for. And especially after the Pinwheel Hair Color Placement Diagrams technique.

Over time, the root will grow and you will want to keep the look of your hair, you need to nurture it a lot. The most important thing is hydration. Use a variety of masks, creams and balms for hydration.

Be sure to choose a shampoo and conditioner that contains antioxidants and UV filters to protect your hair color from environmental influences that could fade it.

Hair Color Ideas

And lastly, look at other stunning colors and find the hairstyle of your life.

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