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We are sure that the whole world is familiar with the course of this young woman’s life. The reality star selflessly shares every moment of his life with his fans. Mother of four children, wife and businesswoman. Proud company owner “Down Home DeBoers”, “Aubree Says” and “Belle & Rae Co.” and part of the HGTV team. – Yes you’re right. It is a conscious Chelsea DeBoer, better known as Chelsea House or Teen Mom.

Dark-haired beauty, really cares about her appearance. Evidence of this is all her appearances on various TV shows as well as her Instagram profile.

Dark haired beauty looks really good! We must not forget, we are talking about a mother of four children.

We remember her as a red-haired fiery woman. However, Chelsea opted for a dramatic makeover and changed their look. She decided to try chocolate brown. Admittedly, she wasn’t wrong.

See for yourself!

Chelsea Houska has changed her look over the years and tried on a variety of hairstyles. Blonde, redhead, and black, one thing is for sure. With his character, energy and self-confidence, he can bring out any look and look good equally.

Chelsea Houska Beauty Tips And Tricks

The background of her good looks lies in her knowledge and acquired skills. She attended a school of beauty, beauty and aesthetics.

Apart from her knowledge and schooling, nothing would be feasible without high quality products. There are a variety of vitamins that nourish, maintain and improve hair, skin and nails.

Chelsea’s House Beauty Secrets

She is proud of the ambassador of DIME Beauty skin care products, which include beauty products, more precisely, make-up. These are luxury products of vegan origin.

In addition to DIME Beauty products, there are other products. Recently, Chelsea shared their save routine with their followers on their Instagram profile, specifically Get Ready With Me routine, among which you can find other make-up products.

Skin and hair care is extremely important. Not only because of the superficial, external appearance but also because of health.

The health of your body is manifested on your skin and on your hair, as well as on your teeth.

In addition to the health of hair, skin and the body itself, it is very important to take care of the health of our teeth. The reason for the enchanting, radiant smile of our dear reality star is Lumineux by Oral Essentials.

Chelsea’s Houska Hair Secrets

Hair care is part of her daily routine. She has tried a variety of hairstyles, but we are sure that you also like the black Chelsea the most. Keep reading to find out the secrets of her perfect hair.

Currently, Houska is a black-haired beauty, with long and thick hair. It nourishes your hair with various vitamins, including SugarBear vitamins in the form of bears. Nourishes, nourishes and gives shine to hair.

Of all her favorites, we single out the Gimme Beauty product line.

In addition to high-quality irons, curling irons and hair brushes that have a minimum percentage that harms the hair, there are also a variety of products. The key to any lush, shiny and healthy hair is deep proper care that includes deep hydration, appropriate shampoos and conditioners as well as heat protection.

What Are The Secrets Of A Mother Of Four Childrens?

Physical activity is very important. As we can see, the ravishing mother of four children does not lack that. Surely we all once wondered what the secret of her appearance was.

Chelsea DeBoer is very physically active. He says the key is in diet but also in physical activity. On his Instagram profile, he shares pictures of his diet, drinks and training.

The challenge that made the whole internet crazy is the 75 Days Challenge. This is a Fitness Challenge that consists of 5 key rules:

  1. 45 minutes of exercise every day
  2. drink one gallon of water a day
  3. healthy diet
  4. less alcohol
  5. 8 hours of sleep

If you haven’t already, try it yourself. In addition to looking more beautiful, you will be healthier, more rested, more mobile and filled with positive energy.

If you are interested in the transformations of celebrities, their beauty tips and tricks, youcan visit Hair Color Ideas.

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